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A Modern Office System For Today's World

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SwitchMap is a modern solution for office and commercial spaces. With over 10 years of development and enhancement, our products are among the most secure, stable, and powerful wireless control systems in the market.

Modern Office Interior


Offices are all about automation to ensure that resources are used at the most optimum level. Scheduling and sensors are the keys to reducing wasted energy and running costs.

Occupancy & Daylight Sensors

Automate office spaces with our occupancy sensors to ensure that lighting, shading, and air conditioning are used only when needed. This reduces valuable energy usage and costs while ensuring that all areas are constantly operating at the most optimum comfort level.

For areas with windows, it is crucial to add our daylight sensor to the occupancy sensor for advanced natural and artificial lighting and HVAC balancing automation.

Business Meeting
Busy Working Day

Off Hour Control

Office spaces constantly change to suit different operational periods. After work hours, the office switches to an energy conservation mode, automatically turning off lighting and air conditioning after a set amount of time that they are switched on (with extension control). Sensors can also be switched on or off to automate different parts of the office.

A Typical Day

Offices are all about automation to ensure that resources are used at the most optimum level. Scheduling and sensors are the keys to reducing wasted energy and running costs.

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Reducing Cost

The design of our system and products is aimed at greatly reducing cost and time. We reduce client costs by up to 50%+ compared to similar systems in the market.

By creating a stable wireless space, we are able to future-proof your space by allowing for any expansion or changes without construction work.

Under Construction
Delicate Fabric


We design to allow you to control the entire house from anywhere. The wall switch or remote is not limited by wiring or reach; it can control anything within the premises.

We have removed the limitations of wires and connected the entire premises together.


HVAC & Climate Sensing

We have solved the most common problems of temperature control in office spaces. With SwitchMap, we can balance the desired temperature based on the constant seating of occupants. We break the traditional limitations of costly wiring and temperature sensing placed in incorrect locations.


Smart Glass

Control and automate the entire office's smart (switchable) glass for privacy, while reducing sunlight from heating up the office.


Audio & Visual System

Integrate with a professional AV system for additional advanced control and experience. Press once to trigger the TV, projector, computer, sound, microphone, lighting, shading, or air conditioning.

Ready to be controlled directly through TCP/IP without the need for the internet, our system can connect single or multiple rooms together.

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Connect the office/s for analytics and reporting through our API. 


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Secure Independent System

Every office operates on its own using a self-wireless system. It does not require other wireless protocols, such as WiFi or Bluetooth.


Scene Control

Press once to trigger a preset mode and control a specific ambiance for an area or the entire office. These scenes can include "Office Hour," "Meeting," "After-Hour," and more. The presets can be set and changed by tenants without the need for a specialist.


All On/Off

Any switch can turn an entire room or office on or off with just one press.


Works Without Smartphones/Tablets

We design smart features within our switches, remotes, and sensors. We believe that a true smart office should be enjoyable from every switch and every corner.


Less Wall Switch, More Control

Our powerful wall switch can control up to 24 lighting fixtures, curtains, rollers, and more. We design to minimize the need for wall switches and reduce wall clutter.



Automate your garden and common areas with 7-day timers and/or sensors. 

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