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20A Double pole wall switch

Control Series

Double-Pole 20A Wall Switch

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The 20A wall switch is specially designed for high-power appliances. It is packed with many unique features and connects with other SwitchMap devices. Auto-off timer will automatically switch off after a set amount of time.

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No Renovation Required

This wall switch is designed to replace the existing wall switch that does not have a neutral wire.


Input Power

220-240V AC, 50/60Hz


Range: 30m (line of sight)

Antenna: Built-in front facing

Operating Environment

Indoor use only

Additional Features

All functions and features are built-in to the wall switch, no computer is needed.

● Auto Off Timer

● Connect to other devices

● Motion or daylight sensor triggering

● Connect to gateway for smartphone control


Standard BS square wall box


20A Double pole wall switch dimension

Wiring Diagram

20A Double pole wall switch wiring


Customisable to any Pantone Colours

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