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Image by Morgan Housel

Design to Reduce More Than 50% of Cost and Time

Here at SwitchMap we believe "smart" should consider all parties involved. With the use of technology we are able to design a system that truly makes a difference for the owner, developer, and contractor.

Saving Cost.

We design to break the old and provide a modern solution to construction process. With our wireless technology, we can greatly reduce the materials and workmanship needed for wiring work. 

The larger the space, the more you will save!

Electrical Worker

A Typical Wiring Comparison Between SwitchMap and Existing Methods

3 wall switches [WS] controlling 6 lighting circuits. (3 way wiring connection)

wiring comparison

SwitchMap Wiring

We reduce and simplify complex wiring work. Control can be change at any time. Each wall switch can set scene control for the 6 connected lighting and all on/off with one button. Additional wall switches can be added to control the connected circuits. 

wiring comparison

Traditional Wiring

Everything needs to be wired to control. Therefore, wiring is complex and commonly this is the maximum number of wall switch can control the lighting at the same time. 

wiring comparison

Traditional System Wiring

Require additional wirings to connect to central processor [CP]. It also require costly programming, and any changes or maintenance requires specialist support. 

Find us For a Free Comparison

Want to know how you can save cost for upcoming or existing spaces? Want to know how much you could have saved in your previous projects? 

Simplify Process and Future Proofing

We removed the need for customise project programming and reliance on specialist to deploy our system. With our experience, we simply done the hard work for you and give you a system that can be customise without headache.

Reduce Time and Number of Labours

With the lack of people joining the construction industry, every person efficiency becomes crucial.  We greatly simplify deployment process by  80+% of common installations.

No Programming or specialist required

Any control settings can be edit at any time without specialist or programming.

For adding new devices, it only requires to set related devices without the need to set all devices at the premise. 

Flexibility and Made for Changes

We believe a system should be made to last. That is why we designed our system to be future proof. With our constant product developments, every space can be updated without the need for renovation work or re-setting an entire system.

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