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Control Series


Product Model No.:

WT-523: Fan Coil Unit / Infrared Control


This unique thermostat can control major brands' infrared air conditioning or up to 6 fan coil units. With built-in  temperature and battery power sensors, it will be able to sense and control from the most suitable location on the premises. This product will greatly save installation cost and time. It can be placed near the fan coil unit and be control wirelessly. You may also set scheduling or use the gateway to automate and control it remotely.



Input Power

2x AA Batteries / 5V DC USB adaptor


Range: 30m (line of sight)

Antenna: Built-in front facing

Operating Environment

Indoor use only


Wall mountable with hook and screw


● Zigbee wireless control up to 6 fan coil units

● Infrared control (support major brands' air conditioners)

● On/Off

● Set temperature

● Current temperature / humidity

● Heat / Cool / Auto

● Fan speed (High / Medium / Low / Auto)

● All On/Off


● Scheduling (Daily / 5+2 / Weekly)

● Auto Off hour


Thermostat dimension

Infrared Control

The thermostat can control the air conditioner through infrared. If it is not required, you may switch the top lens cover to other colours.

Infrared Lens Cover

Thermostat IR

Cosmetic Lens Cover

Thermostat Fan Coil Unit

Fan Coil Unit Control

One thermostat can wirelessly control up to 6 fan coil units. 

Fan Coil Unit Control


Connect with your building' control and sensing to further improve the building's operations.

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