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Control Series

Motion and Daylight Sensor

Product Model No.:

WS-561A: Master / Stand Alone

WS-561B: Slave / Stand Alone


This device allows a premise to be fully automated, while reducing energy consumption by only turning on devices when they are needed. Sensing areas can be expanded using the Master and Slaves feature. SwitchMap devices can be connected to this sensor to trigger on/off/open/close or scenes.

Colleagues in Hallway


Input Power

WS-561A: 5V 1A DC adaptor

WS-561B: CR123 battery or 5V 1A DC adaptor


Range: 30m (line of sight)

Antenna: Built-in front facing

Operating Environment


Motion (Infrared) sensing

● Occupancy: Auto On/Off

● Vacancy: Manual On, Auto Off

● With light sensing: Trigger only in low light


Daylight (Photo) sensing

● Auto On/Off at preset or manual lux level

IP44: Indoor or covered outdoor use only 


Wall mountable with screws 


● Scheduling (Daily / 5+2 / Weekly)

● Auto Off hour


Mounting & Tilt Angles

Wall mountable with screws 

80º Vertical
100º Horizontal

Motion Sensor Range

Sensor coverage may vary depending on mounting height.

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