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We Bring Smart Homes to Luxury Living 

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A home is meant to be a sanctuary where you can unwind and feel empowered. It's important to live without constantly worrying about small tasks such as turning off lights or closing curtains. With the ability to activate preset scenes or other functions at the press of a button, you should never have to leave your comfortable spot to take care of these minor details.

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Modern Luxury Living For All

Our goal is to create homes that are cozy, user-friendly, and interconnected. SwitchMap is suitable for all residential spaces, irrespective of their size, be it a single room, a unit, or a multi-story house.

Delicate Fabric


Our designs enable you to manage your entire home from anywhere, without limitations. Our wall switches and remotes are not confined by wiring or distance, giving you the ability to control any aspect of your property. We have eliminated the barriers of wires and enabled seamless connectivity throughout the entire premises.


Control Your Entire Home

We make your home connected and controllable from anywhere. You no longer need to get up to switch off a light or open a curtain.


Connected Homes

Control your home from anywhere in the world. You'll never have to leave home worrying that you forgot to switch off a light or turn off the air conditioning.

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Secure Independent System

Every home operates on its own using a self-wireless system. It does not require other wireless protocols, such as WiFi or Bluetooth.


Scene Control

Press once to trigger a preset mode and control a specific ambiance for an area or the entire house. These scenes can include "Welcome Home," "Dinner Party," "Movie Time," and more.


The presets can be set and changed by tenants without the need for a specialist.


All On/Off

Any switch can turn an entire room or house on or off with just one press.


Works Without Smartphones/Tablets

We design smart features within our switches, remotes, and sensors. We believe that a true smart home should be enjoyable from every switch and every corner.


Less Wall Switch, More Control

Our powerful wall switch can control up to 24 lighting fixtures, curtains, rollers, and more. We design to minimize the need for wall switches and reduce wall clutter.



Automate your garden and common areas with 7-day timers and/or sensors. 

Types of Installations


Full-Featured Smart Home System

wall switch indoor


Replace Existing Switches Without Having to Renovate.

retrofit wall switch


Smart Home System with Third Party Switches


Professional Home Theatre

Enhance your experience by connecting SwitchMap to any Audio & Visual system in the market. We can integrate with most professional systems in the market.

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