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Our Eco-system

Our products and systems are made to the highest level. SwitchMap designs all products from scratch. With our in-house experts in development and manufacturing, we ensure all products work individually and in any combination.

SwitchMap Eco-system


Control and dim lighting, air conditioning (fan coil units, infrared), curtains/roller blinds, switchable glass, and appliances, among others.

Smartphones and tablets can be used to control these devices by multiple users from anywhere in the world.


Automate with timers and sensors to control without pressing a single button.

Off-hour automation allows offices to set extension controls and sensor statuses for after-hours energy-saving control.


SwitchMap is designed to work with third-party systems. It can integrate with professional AV or other systems directly.

We also design our system to allow for connection to our server through API to retrieve data.

wallswitch_sda_hk2022 copy_edited.jpg

Human Centric Design

Simplicity is key to connecting our systems to users. Our design balances advanced controls with users' knowledge and habits. We aim to allow anyone to use our devices without prior knowledge, while also making settings and enhancements easy to do.

"Smart" Devices

SwitchMap believes that a true smart system should put 'smart' in every device, instead of relying on smartphones or an individual central control processor.

That's why our products can operate, be set, and edited with one another. This also allows multiple devices to be controlled from unlimited devices, such as sensors, wall switches, and smartphones.

Designing For Today's World

  • Simplify with fewer wall switches on walls.

  • Connect and control with remotes or smartphones.

  • Control multiple devices or turn them all on/off with a single button press.

  • Automate with scheduling (timers), motion sensors, or daylight sensors.

  • Edit and enhance your system without requiring wiring work or a specialist.

  • Save time and construction costs, and future-proof your system for enhancements without complicated renovation work.


With 28+ years of manufacturing knowledge, we produce one of the highest-quality products in the market. We ensure every part of our products is created with the utmost quality; from injection to PCBs to assembly.

Our products are made to last.

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