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Deploy and Control by Sustainability

Buildings have a huge impact on the environment – accounting for 39% of global energy emissions, 50% of global material use and the annual use of 42.4 billion tonnes of materials.

The SwitchMap system represents a paradigm shift in sustainable construction practices. Rather than focusing solely on product design, our system also emphasises process improvements that are critical to achieving long-term sustainability. By breaking away from traditional construction methods, we aim to create a more sustainable future for all.

A Green Tool For Construction

Our vision is to construct buildings that have a positive impact on the environment and the people involved in the process. Leveraging the latest technologies available to us, we have developed a solution that not only benefits our lives but also improves the sustainability of our built environment. 

Image by Henry & Co.
Image by Artin Bakhan


Construction generate high level of toxic air pollution that damages our environment. 

To reduce, we often turn to ventilation, dust control (wetting surfaces, HEPA filtration), and green building materials. Here at SwitchMap, we give you a new solution to greatly reduce wiring and conduit work. With our wireless technology, we can completely remove old wiring work.

Image by Brandi Redd


As responsible supplier, it is our duty to minimise the exposure of our users' staff to harmful air and noise pollution in our industry. 

Our solution can streamline the deployment process from the typical two weeks to just two days, minimising the disruption caused by construction activities and promoting a healthier, more sustainable working environment.


We remove the need for specialist to constantly service site. By simplifying our system, we can give the maintenance and enhancement to the users. New devices can be added without the need for renovation / construction work. 

SwitchMap is designed to reduce construction time and eliminate unnecessary pollution by


Image by Ryan Quintal

Enhanced Control,  Productivity, and Comfort

Automate lighting, air conditioning, and shading to different spaces and specifications at different time of the day or seasons. 

Comfort Control

Lighting: Automate lighting level to suit different time of your days and trigger scenes automatically and wirelessly. 

Sunlight and Air Conditioning: Wireless temperature and humidity  sensing to ensure temperature is sense at the right place. 


Automate all spaces and ensure no control are wasted..

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