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Single Zone Retrofit Wall Switch

Control Series

Simple Retrofit
(No Neutral Wire)
Wall Switch

Product Model No.:

WW-503B: 6 Buttons Control


Setting Icon

No Renovation Required

This wall switch is designed to replace the existing wall switch that does not have a neutral wire.

noneutral_wall switch_img01.jpg


● Lighting: On/Off, Dimming, Colour/RGBW, Dual

● Shading: Open, Close, Stop, Tilt Open, Tilt Close

● Thermostat and other general control: On/Off

● Door lock: Unlock


Device: up to 4 and dimming

Scenes: up to 4

Button Configurations:

Wall Switch Buttons


Device: up to 6

Scenes: up to 6

Button Configrations:

Wall Switch Buttons


Customisable to any Pantone Colours


Input Power

220-240V AC, 50/60Hz


Range: 30m (line of sight)

Antenna: Built-in front facing

Operating Environment

Indoor use only


Standard BS square wall box


Maximum number of loads: 2

Minimum power per load: 20VA

Maximum power per load: 1000 VA

Additional Features

All functions and features are built-in to the wall switch, no computer is needed.


● Default Switch or Scene control

● Turn entire network’s loads All On/Off

● Turn all paired loads On/Off

● Sleep lights

● Connect load/scene to other devices

● Duplicate settings with other devices

● Feedback (check load status)

● Auto Off Timer

● Motion or daylight sensor triggering

● Connect to gateway for smartphone control

Dark Concrete Wall


Wall switch lights


Wall Switch Dimension

Wiring Diagram

Must connect 1 or both loadings

Wall Switch Wiring Diagram
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