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Design for Today and Future

With our 10+ years of experience and development in wireless technology, we bring you a safe, secure, and stable system. It is time to step away from the old.

Image by Nerses Khachatryan

Smart ≠ Smartphones

There is a big misconception of "smart" in today's world. We believe "smart" should be apply to every devices and not rely solely upon a smartphones or central processor.

Switch to Wireless

SwitchMap uses wireless technology to break free from traditional wiring connections. It adopts the Zigbee wireless standard, which is specifically designed for residnetial and commercial environments

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Multi-level Security

Smart = Reducing Cost and Time

Our aim is to develop a system with a purpose to make "Smart" available to everybody. We help you save more than 50% from similar systems in the market. It is time to truly be smart with smart.

A Commitment to Sustainable Living

Enhanced wireless switches and control play a crucial role in promoting sustainable living especially when our products are designed to last for years to come.

We significantly reduce the construction site's process and the harmful pollution it creates.

We also decrease the complicity and work required for future control expansion.

Be Flexible and Prepare for The Future

With all devices wirelessed, it is ready to be edit whenever the user wishes without programming or specialist support.

All network is ready to expand with new devices. Minimum to no wiring work is required.

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