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Our wall switch is the perfect device to begin intelligent effortless control. It has many unique features and can be used without prior knowledge or setup. It is ideal to be used for the premise of any size and floor, and control up to 6 loads/circuits/scenes. This switch can connect with up to 2 direct loadings that can become wirelessly available to be controlled by any device. All control, scenes, and other settings are set directly on the wall switch, without the need for a computer.



Input Power

5V DC USB adaptor


Range: 50m (line of sight)

Antenna: SMA Monopole

Operating Environment

Indoor use only


Double sided tape / mounting screws


Maximum number of load: 2

Maximum power per load 1000 VA

Additional Features

All functions and features are built-in to the wall switch, no computer is needed.


● Default Switch or Scene control

● Turn entire network’s loads All On/Off

● Turn all paired loads On/Off

● Sleep lights

● Connect load/scene to other devices

● Duplicate settings with other devices

● Feedback (check load status)

● Auto Off Timer

● Motion or daylight sensor triggering

● Connect to gateway for smartphone control


● 7 days Scheduling control

● Office Off-Hour Control

● Extension control: Any lighting or appliances will auto-switch off after a set time.

● Enable/Disable Sensors' operation

Modern Office
Image by Uneebo Office Design


Motion Sensor, Daylight Sensor, Temperature, Humidity, IAQ, ...

● Enable/Disable

● Tracking

● API Integration


● Designed for up to 250 devices

Image by Derek Thomson


Design to integrate with any third party system.

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